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Zukunft - Büro für Zukunftsfragen

Surfing Democracy II: 25th + 26th of November 2013, Batschuns

Surfing ist about Balancing and about doing the right thing in the right moment. It is the same in politics. So we started "Surfing Democracy": a two-day gathering, where people from anywhere, can learn from their practice in participatory processes. We want to address officials in public authorities of communities, regions or states, people from science or practitioners.

Our aim is to create a common learning field for people who are working on the issue of participation. We want to continue on that so people can gain more clarity how to do their work in a better way.

No participation fee! You just have to pay for your traveling expanses, accomodation and food. A more detailed programme and time schedule will follow.

You can find the video of "Surfing Democracy I" here.

Bildungshaus Batschuns is located in a very small village, up the hills of the Vorarlberg Rhine-Valley in the very western part of Austria, close to the borders of Switzerland and Germany. To fly to Batschuns you can arrive in Zurich, Munich or Innsbruck and then get to Rankweil by train and then take a bus or a taxi to Batschuns. It might be an alternative to fly to one of the close airports which both are on the Lake of Constance - Friedrichshafen FDH (Germany) and Altenrhein/ACH (Switzerland).
Bildungshaus Batschuns, Kapf 1, A-6835 Zwischenwasser/AUSTRIA
Homepage: www.bildungshaus-batschuns.at
Public transport: www.vmobil.at

Questions & Registration
Office for Future Related Issues/Büro für Zukunftsfragen
E: zukunftsbuero@vorarlberg.at
P: 0043/5574/511-20605




Invitation Surfing Democracy II (1.1 MB)

Die erforderlichen Programme zum Anzeigen und Abspielen finden Sie hier: Download Programme


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