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State & Politics

Article 15 - The State Parliament

Article 15

The State Parliament


   (1) The legislative power of the State is exercised by the State Parliament.
   (2) The State Parliament is elected. It consists of 36 members. Irrespective of whether these are on leave of absence (para. 5) or not, they remain members of the State Parliament.
   (3) The State is divided into territorially coherent and unified electoral districts for elections to the State Parliament. The number of members who are to be elected in the individual electoral districts is determined by the proportion of citizens who have their principal residence in that electoral district according to the most recent national census.
   (4) The form of the electoral districts, the distribution of deputies within them, and the electoral procedures will be established by law.
   (5) Furthermore, deputies may apply by law for unpaid leave of absence for specific, clearly defined reasons, for a period of between 3 and 14 months, during which time their duties will be performed by a substitute.


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